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5 Reasons to Work With IT Companies Near You

IT companies Near You

Many SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) in Alberta choose to hire international IT providers. The very nature of most IT companies means that you can work with providers worldwide, so many businesses don’t consider hiring locally as an option. While working with an IT company that does not have a local presence may seem attractive, […]

5 Things to Ask Before Hiring an IT Provider

hiring an IT Provider

For small-to-medium businesses, managing your day-to-day services, clients and data can be hard enough. If you’re running your IT department in-house as well, you may feel overwhelmed. That’s where an IT provider comes in. Because of our reliance on technology and the importance that IT has in the business world, many organizations are searching for a […]

5 Steps to Onboard New Employees on Cybersecurity

onboarding new employees with security - man and woman working at desk

It’s an exciting time to welcome a new employee to your company. Having a new face with fresh ideas and enthusiasm for the role can boost the energy level of everyone on your team. While new employees are often busy absorbing the material shared with them during their initial days or weeks of training, they […]

Three Technology Developments to Watch in 2022

man in suit on laptop and phone - Three Technology Developments to Watch in 2022

We are looking forward to the start of 2022, because there are several home and business technology developments that we are excited to watch. The past two years have seen a leap in how businesses use technology in their everyday operations. While innovation in the technology sector has seen steady growth for many years now, […]

A Beginner’s Guide to NFTs

NFT on phone - non-fungible token

The past few months have seen NFTs making waves all over the place. It’s hard to imagine not hearing reference to them in one form or another. Even though you’ve heard of them, it can be difficult to understand exactly what they are. The concept sounds complicated, especially with all the associated tech jargon surrounding […]

3 Ways Investing in IT Can Grow Your Business and the KPIs that Prove It

investing in business technology - computer screen showing graph trending up

Business growth relies on being able to track and measure improvements. If you’re not recording growth or decline in key areas of your business, how will you know where to make improvements? Choosing the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your business and measuring them accurately and consistently can open your eyes to the successes […]

5 Ways an IT Company in Edmonton Can Help You Scale Your Business

IT company in Edmonton helps scale business

An entrepreneur works hard to build a company from the ground up. So, when the time comes to scale that business, it can feel overwhelming. With a larger business comes more responsibility, more workload, and the need for more support. When you reach that fork in the road to either stay small or scale larger, […]

What 2020 Stats Can Tell Us About Online Security Needs for Businesses

online security for Alberta businesses

COVID-19 turned 2020 into a business year unlike anything we’ve experienced in recent history. The global pandemic has impacted our lives dramatically, both in our home lives and in our businesses. We read the 2020 CIRA Cyber Security Report and have found a series of important trends regarding online security that every modern company should […]

The Top Reason Why Most Companies Are Falling Short on Cybersecurity Measures


The world of cybersecurity grows more complicated year by year. Cybersecurity and cyberattacks are not new issues; they’ve been important topics ever since businesses moved online. The main difference now is the level of expertise and security training required to do the job effectively. Employees used to be able to learn about and perform their […]