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We’re also one of the leading IT service providers in Edmonton and the surrounding area. Since 2006, we’ve been providing design, installation, and technology infrastructure support—with a personal touch.

Our team of professional IT consultants and network analysts offer small, medium and large businesses support services like no other. By holding ourselves to sky-high standards, we ensure high-performing and reliable systems without sacrificing ease of use or supportability.

We want to remain one of Canada’s top 50 IT companies and help businesses like yours succeed.

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Our Values

Here’s what we care about. These values drive everything we do.


Loyalty is key to everyone’s success. Alt-Tech strives to work collaboratively with Alt-Tech employees, partners, suppliers, and our clients to solve problems and achieve goals.


Integrity, timeliness, and a keen attention to detail, are traits that we encourage our clients to depend on from Alt-Tech.


Alt-Tech will keep our promises, take responsibility, instill confidence in our employees, customers and other stakeholders, and be clear in all communications so that we generate assurance in our products and services.


Family is our core value, and how we approach our interactions with clients.  Family to us, is about supporting each other, trust, honesty, and integrity.

Management Team

Experienced center of excellence

Daniel Mitchell


Daniel has lead the Alt-Tech team for nearly 10 years. His experience with the Edmonton IT consulting and cyber security industries dates back almost 20 years. In the past, Daniel has worked for both public and private industries. He has been awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee for advancing the R.C.M.P Major Case Management Electronic Investigations.

Carrie Green

Operations Manager

With over 15 years of experience in the IT services industry, Carrie has been providing top level support for both public and private industries. As the Alt-Tech Support Manager, Carrie’s focus is on client satisfaction through delivery of support services and consultations. Carrie’s extensive support experience, as well as her customer service expertise, helps her lead Alt-Tech to greater heights.

Michelle Brown

Office Manager

Michelle joined our team in 2014 as the Alt-Tech Office Manager. Michelle’s detail orientation, as well as her dedication to Alt-Tech, has allowed our business to excel in many different ways. Her understanding of the business process has elevated our team’s ability to support and manage our clients effectively.

Our Partners

Quality partnerships in support of client satisfaction.

Our Certifications

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