A managed service provider (MSP) helps businesses optimize their IT systems. They can act as on-demand IT support, business strategists, and advisors that help you implement better technology solutions.

Aside from costs that meet their budget, SMBs need more than product providers. Any organization can become an MSP with the right pieces from the right vendors. Products don’t solve your problems. People do.

You should be looking for an provide a solution—a full spectrum of services—that’s tailored to your business’ problems. Alt-Tech is a solution-focused team that doesn’t sugar-coat risks or bad news. We look at every business like a unique fingerprint and build our solutions around you.

We have a team of professional IT consultants. We first evaluate your IT environment, analyze the security of your systems, and map out a plan to provide solutions where your business needs them most.

We’re happy that you do! You need to let them do what they do best. Having outsourced IT services reduces your IT support team’s workload and gives them more time for priority tasks. Whatever IT solutions your team is too busy to implement, Alt-Tech can take care of it.

As part of our managed IT service, Alt-Tech will visit your site, perform a series of reviews of your current environment, and build a report to help you understand your key strengths and opportunities. After that, we’ll come to the rescue if there’s a problem that needs to be fixed on-site.

The short answer: a lot. The less-short answer: we’re experts on this, and we have an easy calculator to tell you the exact costs.

We actually specialize in servicing the finance industry. Alt-Tech’s expertise has helped accounting firms, financial planning services and insurance companies work faster and safer.

We deliver managed IT support to a wide range of industries. Our team has years of expertise with law firms, financial service organizations and professional service organizations. We know how crucial it is for such businesses to have optimal security for their data and networks, so we work in tandem with your industry-specific software to make that happen.

We service the Edmonton Metropolitan Region, which includes Strathcona County, Leduc, St. Alberta, Beaumont, Fort Saskatchewan and Spruce Grove.

All sizes, really, but SMBs especially. Smaller to medium-sized business don’t typically have the staff to provide the full scope of managed IT services beyond basic IT support.

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