The first few weeks of training for your new team member tend to be information-heavy and slow as they learn the ropes and adjust to their position. While the process is necessary, there are several ways to make the onboarding experience smoother, especially for IT. Spending a little extra time introducing your new employee to critical policies and procedures about device management, cybersecurity training protocols, and how to use the company network securely are just a few ideas.

Here are ten steps to help new employees get on board with your company’s IT management policies and cybersecurity training procedures:

1. Bring Your Own Device Policy

One of the first training pieces you can share with your new team member is your company’s bring your own device (BYOD) policy. This will help them know which devices they can use on the company network and how to use them securely in the office, at home, or any other remote setting. If you don’t already have a BYOD policy in place, we recommend creating one, especially if remote workers are prevalent in your company. 

2. Cyber Security Protocols and Training

Like health and safety or HR training for your new hires, cybersecurity training is just as important. All new employees should undergo cybersecurity training as part of their onboarding process for their specific positions.

This training should consist of procedures such as who to contact when you’ve received a suspicious email or how to enlist a secure password and keep it protected. When you work with the professionals at Alt-Tech Inc., we can help you create a cybersecurity management plan and help you incorporate policies into your workplace operations. 

3. File-Sharing Guidelines and Processes

Another vital piece of training that all employees know is how to share confidential files and company data securely. You may also want to review the best practices for accessing company files from home. The onboarding process is the perfect time to review these procedures as well as use this time as a refresher for your seasoned employees.

Knowing the proper steps to share files securely, collaborate with team members in a safe digital environment, and keep confidential information safe will boost the confidence and productivity of your entire staff. 

4. Encourage Open Communication

Knowledge and communication are two essential tools that help protect employees from cyberattacks. Allowing your team to discuss any concerns about suspicious emails or phone calls openly can be the intervention required to prevent a phishing scam from succeeding. If you have a dedicated IT employee or team, encourage your employees to ask questions rather than wait to find out if something is wrong or not.

When you hire an external IT Service Provider, they should be able to answer questions from clients so you can better understand the activity on your networks and stay informed. 

5. Foster Cybersecurity Culture 

One of the most important cybersecurity training tips you can implement for any new or long-term employee is to foster a cybersecurity culture in the workplace. You can keep the topics relevant by sharing memos regarding possible new threats and how to recognize them and share articles on cyberattack trends in your industry to keep your team aware of risks. The more you and your team know, the better equipped you’ll be to handle the unpredictable.

6. Educate Your Team on All Phishing Tactics

It’s not enough to merely inform your new employees about general phishing threats; you should delve deeper into the realm of phishing tactics. Phishing attacks come in various forms, including spear-phishing, where attackers target specific individuals, often masquerading as trusted sources. Social engineering techniques, such as pretexting and baiting, are also common tactics. 

By educating your team about these nuanced threats, you equip them with a comprehensive understanding of how malicious actors might attempt to exploit their trust. Encourage scrutinizing all forms of electronic communication and report anything that seems even remotely suspicious.

7. Ensure They are Fully Ready Before Being Independent

While it’s essential to get new employees up to speed swiftly, rushing the process can have adverse consequences, especially in cybersecurity. Before granting them independent access to sensitive systems or data, ensure that new hires are thoroughly trained and confident in their ability to adhere to your cybersecurity protocols. It’s a critical step in safeguarding your organization against potential threats stemming from inadvertent mistakes or oversights.

8. Tailor Training to the Individual

Recognize that your employees may have varying levels of familiarity with cybersecurity training practices. Some may already possess a solid understanding, while others might be relatively new to the concepts. Tailoring your training to individual needs is crucial. Offer more extensive guidance and support to those less familiar with security practices, ensuring that everyone has the knowledge and resources they require to contribute effectively to your cybersecurity posture.

9. Regularly Update Security Knowledge

Cyber threats are constantly evolving, and cybersecurity practices need to evolve with them. Regularly update your security knowledge and training materials to reflect the latest threats and best practices, encourage your team to stay informed about emerging cybersecurity trends and challenges, and periodically revisit and refresh training materials to keep your employees up to date with the ever-changing threat landscape.

10. Utilize IT Managed Services

In today’s complex cybersecurity landscape, partnering with a trusted IT-managed services provider is a wise choice. Organizations like Alt-Tech Inc. offer specialized expertise in cybersecurity training and can assist you in creating comprehensive policies, setting up secure cloud services, and providing 24/7 network monitoring. 

Leveraging the expertise of IT-managed services providers allows you to stay ahead of threats and ensures that your cybersecurity defenses are always robust and up to date.

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