We are looking forward to the start of 2022, because there are several home and business technology developments that we are excited to watch. The past two years have seen a leap in how businesses use technology in their everyday operations. While innovation in the technology sector has seen steady growth for many years now, the need to work remotely has accelerated that growth. The quick pivot to virtual meetings and working from home led to a rise in developing bring-your-own-device policies, heightened cyber security monitoring, and a demand for virtualization services. If the recent months have shown us anything, it’s that we’re able to adjust the way we do business to suit the shifting demands around us. We’re keeping our eye on three exciting trends and developments in the tech sector in the year ahead. 

Growing Internet of Things

Having a device that can connect to Wi-Fi is no longer an impressive feature. Everything from your fridge to your bathroom scale now has the potential to connect to the internet. We can no longer consider our laptops and phones as the only connected devices in our home. Now, we have an intricate, expansive system known as the Internet of Things or IoT that will only continue to grow. Your electrical panel now comes in a smart version, and smart toilets will soon arrive to monitor your health by the content of your stool. With more connected devices than ever, we also have a growing need for extensive network protection. Alt-Tech Inc. offers round-the-clock monitoring of your cyber security network to keep your company assets protected, even from home. 

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Do you remember when a smartphone simply meant you could access your email on your cell phone? Smart no longer refers to checking your work email on the go; that feature is now standard. To be considered smart these days, a device needs to use artificial intelligence or AI working at its core. AI helps make life easier by achieving results or performing tasks we don’t have the expertise or skills to do on our own. For example, AI in cell phones is helping the average user take high-quality photos and videos by automatically adjusting to settings. AI is also used in cars as facial recognition technology is programmed to recognize distracted driving, offering alerts to users behind the wheel that they need to focus or take a break. 

Development of Metaverses

The term metaverse has become more prevalent in our daily lives thanks to the superhero franchise of Spiderman and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s recent announcement about his vision of the Metaverse. While we may be several years off from an entire virtual 3-D world where we can interact with others to do everything from shopping in virtual stores, meeting with colleagues, and exploring new surroundings, we are somewhat already familiar with an early-stage metaverse. The amount of business transactions, meetings, and exchanges that happen online has sharply increased since the pandemic started. New developments are making virtual reality and augmented reality more accessible to the general public for entertainment purposes. The coming year will see more use of VR and AR in business technology developments for business purposes. 

Outsourcing Cyber Security and IT Management

Another one of the most popular business technology developments we’ve seen steady rise is more and more businesses choosing to outsource their IT services to cybersecurity and IT management firms rather than hiring full-time employees. The benefits of hiring a professional IT firm include:

  • getting a team of experts to work on a problem as opposed to one or two full-time staff members;
  • Paying for the level of service required for the duration of the time needed, rather than paying a full salary, benefits, and other associated costs of an in-house team member;
  • Get up-to-date expert advice when needed with the support of advanced technology.

Cyber Security Management in Edmonton

When you choose Alt-Tech Inc. for your cyber security management, we ensure that your system monitoring is done right. We believe in proactive solutions by monitoring how each device connects to your network. Our advanced monitoring systems continuously search for vulnerabilities, fixing problems as we find them, and keeping you informed. Learn more about our reliable IT services by booking your free consultation