It is no secret that businesses of all sizes and service offerings rely on efficient professional IT services to keep operations running smoothly. From software and services to hardware and infrastructure, computers have taken over the corporate landscape as the main source of information and communication across departments. 

How Managed IT Services and Cyber Security Measures Keep Businesses Safe 

Our team at Alt-Tech offers a full suite of cloud hosting, cyber security, and managed IT services for several companies across Alberta. Let’s talk about the four key industries our clients work in and how our IT services benefit their businesses.  

Who Benefits From Managed IT Services in Alberta? 

What comes to mind when you think about IT services for your business? If you are picturing data organization and storage, cyber security and data protection, or general tech support for your devices and software programs, you are on the right track. While most businesses rely on general IT services in some capacity, there are a few industries that require in-depth and on-demand support, storage, and cyber security measures to keep their information protected, including: 

  • Financial Service Firms 
  • Insurance Agencies 
  • Law Firms 
  • Manufacturing Companies 

At Alt-Tech, our clients trust us to do more than simply keep their computers running. What these four industries have in common is that they all involve working directly with clients, storing personal data (and keeping it safe), using software to organize tasks and jobs, and sending files electronically. Let’s dive into how each industry benefits from investing in Alt-Tech’s trusted IT solutions. 

Professional IT Services for Financial Service Firms 

Doing business in the financial industry often requires working on confidential client portfolios that disclose sensitive personal information that must be protected. Our clients in the financial sector trust our managed IT solutions because our software not only keeps their customers’ information protected with robust cyber security measures, but we can also make sure their software programs are up-to-date, and their information is digitized efficiently. Our goal is to make sure our financial industry clients can minimize downtime and maximize customer service. 

Three benefits for financial service firms using professional IT management include:

  • More “uptime” for computing access and data security
  • IT infrastructure that supports business goals
  • Reliable customer service

Professional IT Services for Insurance Agencies  

Insurance agents are constantly in communication with folks requesting insurance quotes, seeking insurance claims, and inquiring about changes to their insurance policies. This information-heavy field of work requires a reliable cloud-based storage solution so these leads can be saved and organized into easily accessible client files. 

Insurance agencies appreciate the following benefits of Alt-Tech’s digital IT solutions: 

  • Reduced workflow errors
  • Organized team members 
  • Improved client communications

Professional IT Services for Law Firms  

When it comes to providing reliable IT services for law firms, purposefully designed IT infrastructure is integral to each company’s success. They need robust cyber security and monitoring in place to safeguard sensitive files, sustainable software to manage their client’s case files efficiently, and 24-7 monitoring capabilities to make sure tech support and guidance are available at all times. 

Law firms love these benefits of working with Alt-Tech’s managed IT solutions:

  • Sensitive files are protected 
  • Less downtime thanks to efficient IT infrastructure 
  • More flexibility to focus on business development 

Professional IT Services for Manufacturing Companies 

The manufacturing industry is constantly playing catch-up with modern advancements in the technology used to create goods and materials. At Alt-Tech, our experienced IT professionals are dedicated to making sure that our clients can accurately track activity through the manufacturing process with a cloud-based IT infrastructure. 

Three pillars of success for manufacturing companies that work with Alt-Tech include:

  • Improved supply chain visibility 
  • A streamlined communication process
  • Success-oriented business opportunities

Professional IT Services You Can Trust in Edmonton, Alberta 

Are you ready to take your company’s IT support, cloud storage, and cybersecurity to the next level? Our trusted team at Alt-Tech is here to provide you with the tools, resources, and hands-on support your business needs to survive and thrive in the modern world. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our trusted IT services for small, medium, and large businesses.