Keeping your business safe and secure is something every company strives to do. Long-term business success requires keeping client information as safe and secure as possible. An essential part of the business that needs to be protected includes sensitive client data, ranging from names, addresses, credit card information, phone numbers, and other personal details.

IT services and cybersecurity management can help your business create a system to keep client data secure and protected for whatever online threats appear. Here are seven tips to better protect your client information and win over loyal customers. 

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Create a Cybersecurity Culture in Your Business

In order to have your employees buy into your cybersecurity measures and policies, you need first to foster a culture of cybersecurity within your company. You can initiate this type of thinking by making the topic relevant regularly.

If you have weekly or monthly team updates, you can include cybersecurity reports and updates. If there are cybersecurity threats your team should know about, you can circulate a memo or email about it with tips on avoiding falling for the same type of threat. The more you discuss cybersecurity, the more effectively your team will be able to respond to an actual attack on your company assets. 

Offer Transparency With Your Clients

The best policy is to be honest and transparent with your clients and customers about cybersecurity topics. When your company does experience a breach of your networks, alert your customers when the situation is clear.

Many companies feel the need to hide a cyberattack for fear the truth will damage their reputation. The nature of cyberattacks means that companies are rarely targeted alone. If you fail to notify your clients, they may hear about it on the news anyway. A customer that feels they have been lied to will be far more upset than they would be if they heard directly from the company. Telling your customers also notifies them to take action to protect their other passwords and accounts. 

Have a High Standard for Effective Communication

Having effective communication goes hand in hand with transparency. When you have a clear procedure in place for notifying customers about cyberthreats, best practices, or the worst-case scenario, a confirmed breach, you are still building trust. It’s also essential to have clear communication with your employees so that your team stays informed.

Hire a Team of IT Experts

Protecting your client data requires having a cybersecurity management plan in place. Having a team of dedicated IT experts can be highly beneficial for any business. At Alt-Tech Inc., our professionals will customize a cybersecurity plan to fit your company’s size, environment, assets, and client base to ensure your networks are secure and monitored around the clock.

We can also consult on device management procedures and device management strategies to keep everyone in your company protected whether they work together in the office or remotely.

Use Strong Passwords

The passwords your employees and customers choose need to be strong to be secure. A strong password cannot be reused nor contain obvious information such as birthdates and first names. One way to encourage secure passwords is by creating a password policy for your employees and expiration dates on how long someone can use a password before choosing a new one. You might also want to consider assigning secure passwords to take the guesswork out of the process.

Use Multi-Factor Authentication

In addition to using secure passwords, multi-factor authentication is an effective tool for clients to verify their identities. This usually happens by first entering their password then providing a one-time code that is delivered either to a mobile device or email address. If the user does not have access to their phone or email, they will not access your website or app. 

Invest in Cybersecurity

The best way to keep your client’s sensitive data and private information safe is to invest in your cybersecurity. The digital world changes rapidly, with new threats and defense strategies emerging every month. Allocating part of your budget to invest in an IT Managed Services Provider can help you stay up-to-date and protected year-round. 

Managed Cyber Security Services in Edmonton

Let Alt-Tech Inc. help set you up for success with your clients. Our focus is to provide exceptional customer support with reliable cyber security services to help you excel in your market. When you’re our customer, your customers matter to us too. Get in touch today to learn more about protecting your client data.