A tradition many Canadians enjoy for the start of a new year is making resolutions. Your new year resolutions can include anything from improving your health to learning new skills to connecting more often with family members. Creating a new year’s resolution helps motivate us to work towards a goal and inspires us to create an action plan to see it through. 

New year’s resolutions are not only useful for our private lives, but they are also helpful in business. The new year often feels like an opportunity to start over or try new things. January is also a time to assess what is working well for your company and where you could use some improvement. Technology innovation grows and progresses all the time, which is why we recommend reviewing your technology and infrastructure annually. Once you know the areas of your IT that need improvements or upgrades, you can better decide how to allocate your budget. And to help you evaluate your cyber security budget, we are sharing our top recommendations for where to invest your tech dollars for 2022. 

Cyber Security

Cyber security continues to be a priority for businesses in 2022. Just as the IT sector sees innovation, cybercriminals create new methods to steal data. Every year we see new phishing schemes, new forms of ransomware, and improved methods for penetrating security networks. The good news is that while cybercrime strategies evolve, so do cyber security monitoring and detection systems. If you want to make cyber security a priority for your company this year, you may want to consider outsourcing your cyber security management. Private firms, such as Alt-Tech Inc., can be beneficial for several reasons, including access to a team of experts, affordable services, up-to-date monitoring systems, and a range of services. 

At Alt-Tech Inc., we provide the following:

  • Around-the-clock network security monitoring
  • Around-the-clock infrastructure monitoring
  • Customer care and IT support
  • System security and access services
  • Virtual IT manager services

Cloud Services

Whether your company works remotely or seeks to create an efficient data management system, cloud services can help. Not sure what cloud services mean? Any service over the internet can be considered a cloud service. For example, using an Adobe subscription or paying a web host for your website are types of cloud services. Hiring an external IT management firm is also a type of cloud service. 

Cloud computing services can help improve your business operations by creating better system backups, data management, and storage services. At Alt-Tech Inc., we provide the following cloud services:

  • Email hosting with Microsoft exchange
  • Application hosting
  • Server hosting
  • Offsite hosting

Our data centre is centrally located in the heart of downtown Edmonton in a secure facility. We protect our servers from physical threats and virtual ones with battery backup systems (UPS), data backups, and multi-path internet connections so you can have access to your services whenever you need them. 


Are you planning to scale your business in 2022? If so, virtualization services can build the support system you need. You can virtualize applications, physical servers, and network appliances for efficiency, power, and affordability. Investing in virtualization services can help you grow your business CMR as your client list, and data management needs grow. Virtualization can also help maximize the use of your existing hardware without needing to purchase new servers or other equipment. 

If you’re looking to work with a leading Edmonton virtualization services provider, Alt-Tech offers:

  • Physical to virtual server migrations
  • Virtual machine performance monitoring
  • Virtual machine infrastructure design and management
  • Customer support

IT Management Services in Edmonton

At Alt-Tech Inc., we offer a range of services to help your business grow in 2022. Whether you need fully managed virtual IT services or around-the-clock IT management services in Edmonton, our team is happy to support you. Set up a consultation with our team today to discuss how we can help you.