5 Essential Cybersecurity Measures All Insurance Companies Should Have 

insurance company agent using cybersecurity measures on phone and laptop

Companies with physical locations require secure locks and alarm systems in place to protect their physical property from damage or theft. The same goes for digital spaces. All businesses need a cybersecurity strategy. No two businesses are the same, which is why you need solutions tailored to the size, capacity, and nature of your data.  […]

3 Reasons Why Insurance Agencies Need Round-the-Clock Infrastructure Monitoring

IT consultant performing IT system monitoring

Insurance gives customers peace of mind and confidence to go about their daily lives. Whether commuting to work in their vehicle, running their business, or sleeping soundly at home, we feel safer and less stressed knowing that insurance has our back in the event of surprises or disasters. It’s crucial for insurance agencies to instill […]

Practical Tips to Avoid Phone and Chat Scams

phishing text scam on cell phone

When we mention online scams, most people automatically picture themselves sitting at their computer or laptop, falling for a fraudulent email or phishing scheme. Maybe they imagine opening an infected attachment or accidentally downloading malware from the internet. While it’s true that these types of cyber incidents are common, there are other methods hackers exploit […]

Top Cybersecurity Threats Facing Canada’s Small Businesses

image of a lock on a motherboard for cybersecurity

When we think of cybercrime, we might just picture the huge government shutdowns or ransomware attacks that cost millions of dollars, but they’re really much more common than that. Shockingly, the 2020 Cyberthreat Defense Report (CDR) by CyberEdge Group found that 78% of Canadian organizations experienced at least one cyber attack within a 12-month period. […]

3 Practical Ways to Manage Cloud Spending

how to save on cloud spending - hand holding cell phone with cloud uploading symbol on green background

Have you ever gone grocery shopping with an empty stomach? Maybe you arrive with your shopping list, or perhaps you have the items memorized. In the end, it doesn’t really matter because, in either scenario, you’re confronted with aisle upon aisle of tempting items that your hunger craves. Do you really need those extra cartons […]

5 Essential Questions to Help You Invest in Cloud Services 

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It isn’t easy to imagine a world without cloud computing. Twenty years can feel more like a century when it comes to technology and computers. But it was only in the mid-2000s when cloud computing began to take off in popularity and accessibility. While Grey’s Anatomy and The Office were starting to air on TV, […]

9 Terrible Passwords to Avoid in 2022 and Always

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A lot has changed since 2018. We’ve seen innovation and unprecedented milestones in nearly every industry. Civilians are travelling to space, more employees are working remotely, virtual reality experiences are more accessible than ever, and the Smart Home is expanding its reach. We can only imagine what we’ll see hit the markets by 2023.  In […]

How to Prepare for Cybersecurity Threats in 2022

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We hear of new data breaches and cybersecurity attacks on companies and industries across Canada and the United States each month. It’s only April, and the health sector and tourism industry have already reported breaches. Even the major corporations are not immune to vulnerabilities. Recently, Google’s internet browser Chrome issued an urgent software update to […]