How to Perform a Network Security Vulnerability Assessment

Since the start of the pandemic, companies have seen more and more devices added to their networks as employees switched to working remotely where possible. This increased demand for remote access has also led to companies investing in new applications and software to facilitate the change. With more devices and more applications, cybersecurity risks also […]

Why Remote Workers Continue to be a Target for Cybercriminals

A little more than a year ago now, the COVID-19 pandemic reached Canada. In response to new stay-at-home protocols, many companies transitioned their teams to working remotely where possible. Working from home is not a new concept, but the scale of workers moving their offices into their homes dramatically increased. As with any shift in […]

Why Transferring to Protected Cloud Storage is in Your Best Interests in 2021

If this last year taught us anything, it’s that keeping data protected and easily accessible from any device makes life a whole lot easier when disaster strikes (like a global pandemic). Many businesses found themselves scrambling to efficiently access and transfer important information when the world shifted to work-from-home culture, which is why transferring to […]

5 Home Business Cybersecurity Measures You Can Implement in a Few Hours

Managing Technology for Remote Teams The trend toward remote or home-based employees is growing exponentially, especially as COVID-19 continues to impact workplaces. As a result, many companies are discovering work-from-home technology solutions that allow them to continue operations seamlessly. One important aspect of these solutions is maintaining strong cybersecurity practices. With networks becoming more dispersed […]

The Four Main Types of Backup and Data Recovery Services

Backup and Data Recovery Services & Why Having Options Matters Data and backup recovery services for businesses are not one-size-fits-all. Factors such as industry, business size, technology infrastructure, and level of security measures can all impact the type of services your business needs access to. Alt-Tech offers four main types of backup and recovery services […]

Protecting Your Business from Fraud

All industries and businesses are susceptible to fraud. In fact, fraud is one of the most common ways that businesses and individuals can lose money. According to CPA Canada, “In 2019, nearly 45,000 Canadians fell victim to fraud, losing more than $96 million, according to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.” Despite this, many Canadians haven’t taken […]

How to Choose Between Public and Private Cloud Services

Cloud computing is a relatively new technology, which is why some businesses still approach it with caution. However, the cloud isn’t as complicated as it seems, and it can be incredibly beneficial to your business when used effectively as part of your larger business operations systems. One decision you’ll need to make when setting up […]

Why Insurance Companies Need Managed IT Solutions

managed it solutions for insurance companies - front of a foreboding black building

With the rapid advancements of technology that happen every day, all industries need to have proper, up-to-date IT, or they risk falling behind their competition. Insurance companies are no exception. Managed IT services can become an incredible asset for insurance companies and brokers, and there are even some solutions that are specific to the insurance […]