4 Reasons Why It’s Essential to Update Your Software

Windows update screen

How often have you seen a notification pop-up on your phone or computer indicating you are due for a software update? Usually, a message will display that reads something like this: This application has an update. Would you like to install it now or later? How many times do you click on the “later” option? […]

7 Ways an IT Managed Service Provider Can Benefit Financial Firms 

managed it services for financial institutions

As a financial firm, one of your primary goals is to provide reliable, professional services to your clients. You want to build trust alongside your reputation so your customers know that their sensitive information is secure with your company. In this age of digital technology, we consistently see cycles of innovation followed by evolved cyber […]

7 Tips to Better Protect Your Client Data

how to protect client data - holding thumb up to digital thumbprint security symbols

Keeping your business safe and secure is something every company strives to do. Long-term business success requires keeping client information as safe and secure as possible. An essential part of the business that needs to be protected includes sensitive client data, ranging from names, addresses, credit card information, phone numbers, and other personal details. IT […]

7 Steps to Creating a Strong Cybersecurity Plan

creating a cybersecurity plan - IT team gathered around table

Being prepared for online threats cannot start too soon when it comes to your business. The world of cybercrime evolves, and so should your cybersecurity plan, no matter the size of your business. You may be just starting your company or maybe you have been growing for decades. Either way, having a comprehensive cybersecurity plan […]

3 Things to Avoid to Prevent Installing Unknown Ransomware or Malware

ransomware and malware - computer screen showing coding and the word Hacked

It’s not a secret that malware and ransomware are vicious cyberattacks that can affect anyone, from an individual or a major company or a government institution. And while you might do your best to stay informed on the news and follow basic protection measures for your online activities, there are still devious methods that cybercriminals […]

5 Ways to Help Keep Your Online Members Area Safe

online members area security - wooden figures with speech bubbles

Running an online business has a lot of perks. You can reach clients beyond any specific geographical region, you can deliver content at any hour of the day, and you can connect people based on their shared interests that might not come together in any other way. While free platforms offer basic options for connecting […]

5 Steps to Onboard New Employees on Cybersecurity

onboarding new employees with security - man and woman working at desk

It’s an exciting time to welcome a new employee to your company. Having a new face with fresh ideas and enthusiasm for the role can boost the energy level of everyone on your team. While new employees are often busy absorbing the material shared with them during their initial days or weeks of training, they […]

How to Keep Cybersecurity Culture Alive in the Workplace

fostering a cybersecurity culture - man types on computer with unlock icon

Workplace culture for companies is an important factor in employee retention. People increasingly credit the companies that treat them well, offer opportunities, and foster development as ideal places to stay and work. The same can be said for companies that want to succeed long-term. Good workplace culture helps companies to thrive with dedicated staff. While […]

5 Ways Insurance Agencies Can Benefit From Using Cloud Servers

cloud services for insurance companies - hands typing on a keyboard with electronic cloud symbols above

Cloud computing is changing the way the world does business. Having space and power to expand online services, create programs, and run software at an affordable price allows companies across industries to accomplish more than ever before. Cloud services are leveling out the playing field across sectors from major corporations to small start-up companies.  One […]