When running a business, you must always be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Many business owners view data loss from a distanced perspective–it happens to other businesses, but surely it won’t happen to yours.

Unfortunately, you can never be sure that data loss won’t affect your business. In reality, data loss is more common than you might think–in 2021, nearly one-fifth of Canadian businesses were impacted by cybersecurity incidents, with many of those resulting in unexpected data loss. Cybercrime isn’t the only cause of data loss, either–from mistakes like spilled coffee to natural disasters damaging your hardware, there are plenty of ways your business could end up being a victim of data loss.

If data loss affects your business, it isn’t the end of the world as long as you’re prepared to handle it. With the proper practices and habits, you’ll be able to prevent most data loss and successfully recover lost data in no time!

Create Backups Frequently

Backups are the key to any data recovery plan. Whether you lost data from a cybersecurity incident or your hardware is physically damaged in some way, having a backup is the most effective way to recover that data. 

Unfortunately, far too many businesses make a single backup and then forget all about it, assuming their work is done. If you haven’t performed a backup recently, just think about all the changes your data has undergone since your last backup–now, imagine all that change being lost because you don’t back up your data as frequently as you should. Creating backups isn’t a one-and-done act; we recommend doing at least one full backup per week.

Encrypt Backup Data

Everyone knows the importance of encrypting sensitive information, but did you know that this should also apply to your backup data? Backups have recently become a top target for cybercriminals. By attacking your backup data, they can prevent you from recovering from the attack or taking control of the situation. 

By encrypting your backups, you’re encoding the data within them to make them unreadable to third parties. Even if a cybercriminal manages to gain access to a backup, they won’t be able to read any of the data within it. Meanwhile, anyone with the decryption key can access the data as usual. This way, your backup data remains just as protected as your current data.

Vary Backup Locations

Having a single backup on your central server is not an effective method for data recovery. Instead, we recommend the 3-2-1 rule: have three copies of your backup at all times. Two of these should be stored on-site on two different platforms (i.e. devices), and the other should be stored off-site.

Regardless of whether you choose to follow the above rule, you should always prioritize off-site storage. In many data loss cases, the main site or central server is compromised in some way. If your backup happens to be stored on that central server, it will be gone, along with the rest of your data. Instead, store at least one copy of the backup off-site, whether that means a physical server or cloud storage.

Regularly Test Data Recovery Measures

Even if you follow all of the other guidelines we have suggested in this article, things could still go wrong if you don’t test your data recovery measures to make sure they work. Once or twice a year, perform a test backup recovery to ensure your methods are still working.

If something goes wrong during this test, don’t worry. Now that you’re aware of the issue, you can take measures to fix it. If you’re not tech-savvy, contact an IT professional, and they would be happy to help.

Outsource Data Recovery to an IT Professional

While we’re on the topic of IT professionals, have you considered outsourcing your data recovery duties to an IT expert? This is a great solution for businesses worried about time consumption or the efficacy of their current data recovery measures.

Many IT companies offer backup and data recovery services. By leaving the work to an expert, you can sit back and relax, knowing your data is in safe hands.

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