The technological advancements we’ve made in the past few decades have been extremely beneficial for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). But as technology becomes increasingly advanced, the amount of cyber threats is only increasing.

With so many Canadian businesses being impacted by cyber attacks, it’s no wonder cybersecurity has become a primary concern in the modern world. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t have the time or resources to allocate effective cybersecurity measures, leaving their business vulnerable to all kinds of cyber threats.

The solution? Outsource your cybersecurity operations. By letting a third-party provider handle it for you, you can protect your business without the headaches of doing it yourself.

Reduced Costs

If you want to implement effective security measures, you’ll either need to hire and train an in-house IT team or outsource to a third-party IT company. With an in-house IT team, you’ll need to spend extra time and resources to get them going, and you’ll incur extra costs for hardware and software for that team to use.

Meanwhile, a third-party company doesn’t need extensive training or time spent in the hiring process, and they already have all of the hardware and software they need. All of this adds up to significantly reduced costs, so you can protect your business without needing to spend beyond your means for cybersecurity.

Greater Flexibility and Scalability

Technology advances every day to keep up with the constant evolution of cyber threats. Your business must have the capacity to handle regular changes in the tech landscape, as well as changes within the business because as your business grows, the cyber threats you face will change.

With an in-house IT team, your adaptability is limited by the size and expertise of the team–but a third-party cybersecurity service provider can adapt and grow alongside your business.

24/7 Protection

A cyber attack could happen at any hour of the day, so constant vigilance is absolutely necessary. Setting up the infrastructure and hiring the personnel for an in-house team to provide 24/7 coverage could be challenging.

Meanwhile, a third-party cybersecurity provider like Alt-Tech provides around-the-clock, proactive network monitoring. Every hour of the day, your provider will be monitoring your network for any signs of malicious intent. They’ll also be aware of cyber threats as soon as they happen, and from there, they’ll be able to deal with them accordingly.

Access to Cybersecurity Expertise

One of the best parts of outsourcing your cybersecurity operations is the opportunity to chat and work with experts. When you outsource to a third party, you’re opening up your business to comprehensive, professional cybersecurity services that will keep your business fully protected. 

One of the risks of using an in-house IT team is the potential lack of expertise. When hiring for this role, it’s unlikely that you’ll find a highly experienced set of employees–but if you outsource to a qualified third-party company, you can hand your cybersecurity operations over to an IT team with plenty of experience in the field.

Peace of Mind

Handling cybersecurity on top of every other business operation can be overwhelming, frustrating, and anxiety-inducing. It’s no wonder, so many businesses push cybersecurity to the side in favour of other concerns. It can seem less crucial in comparison to the daily demands, while effective cybersecurity measures take lots of time and resources to implement. Unfortunately, this opens up a lot of potential problems for your business, leaving you vulnerable to dangerous cyber threats.

Outsourcing your cybersecurity operations is the most effective way to take the stress of cybersecurity off your shoulders while still maintaining your business’s safety. Leave cybersecurity to the professionals, and you’ll be able to continue growing and expanding your business!

Cybersecurity Services in Edmonton

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