Understanding Encryption

The last thing anyone wants is to be hacked or compromised online. Technology is so vast and complicated that people don’t always realize how vulnerable their data is until it’s too late. There are all kinds of confidential documents that need extra security and protection online, especially for businesses with sensitive data. One of the best solutions for this is known as encryption.

What Exactly is Encryption?

Encryption involves encoding information. It takes confidential, stored data on computers and converts it into another form so it can be safely transmitted through the internet. This makes it harder for others to access the digital content online. 

The information starts out in an original form known as plaintext. Then, it’s altered to a new form which becomes ciphertext. The translated form is composed of codes and symbols. The content in this complicated form is incomprehensible so that if there was a breach or interception of the encrypted information, it can’t be deciphered. 

For example, if you wanted to send off a highly confidential email over the internet that contained sensitive information, you could use a program of encryption to hide the contents within the email as it travels through the internet to the recipient on the other side.  

How Does Encryption Work?

Using algorithms, the encryption process mixes up data and information. When the information is encoded, it is then transmitted to those it is to be received by. Only those who receive it will be able to decode the information with a key or password provided by the senders. The encrypted data is received for a party to decrypt and anyone authorized will be able to decipher the data. Meanwhile, unauthorized parties are denied any form of access to the encrypted data.

Why Use Encryption for Your Business?

Hundreds of millions of people are online every day and security threats are becoming more common. With that comes added vulnerability for your privacy and data. This is why data encryption is so vital for security; it acts as an online shield. 

Encryption programs ensure that any confidential information transmitted online is safely secure. Thus, people can use the internet and other online services without having to worry so much about the status of their messages and data. 

For essential avenues such as communication, banking, and even shopping, digital security software is increasingly important as technology grows and expands in the modern world. Any individual in the public domain can be at risk of online security attacks and breaches.  

Why is Encryption Important for SMBs?

Every business has all kinds of information stored in their computer systems, ranging from financial records and employee information to product details and legal documents. These are sensitive pieces of information that need to remain confidential for the benefit of the business and the employees that work there. Encryption reinforces the protection of this data, which provides peace of mind in a busy organization with multiple system access points. The front doors of your business always remain open for customers to physically walk through; but the online doors of your business must have a security guard to prevent unauthorized access or identify shady activity into your system. 

Learn More About Online Security

Stay ahead of the game by taking necessary precautions to ensure all your private business information is protected and secure. Alt-Tech provides you with the proper support and security systems to safeguard your business from online threats and attacks. Call us today for more information about our cybersecurity and system security and access services.

Photo by Alex Motoc on Unsplash