Backup and Data Recovery Services & Why Having Options Matters

Data and backup recovery services for businesses are not one-size-fits-all. Factors such as industry, business size, technology infrastructure, and level of security measures can all impact the type of services your business needs access to.

Alt-Tech offers four main types of backup and recovery services in Edmonton, across Canada, and internationally:

Desktop & Server Backups
Virtual Infrastructure Backups
Backup Validation & Restores
Corrupted Media Restoration

In many cases, businesses will need a combination of these services at various points in time, which is why it’s important that their managed service provider offers all of them.

Which Services Does Your Business Need?

Filing cabinets are quickly becoming obsolete. In today’s world, nearly all businesses store financial data, customer data, and other essential business information exclusively in their digital infrastructure. Although many businesses are keeping up with the technology to gather, store, and use this data, there is a lesser emphasis on securing it permanently to ensure business continuity. However, we see a trend toward backup and restoration services across all industries, which is a good sign.

Desktop & Server Backups

Physical hardware is a traditional storage option that continues to be a strong strategy for securing and backing up data. The type of hardware solution that will work best for your budget and needs will depend on the specific infrastructure of your business. This could include USB drives, servers, or other backup devices, and may also include a combination of virtual backup options.

Virtual Infrastructure Backups

Many businesses use public or private cloud services to collect, manage, and store data. In these cases, third-party providers often provide storage and backup services for that data. But is it enough?

Even if your cloud service provider offers backup solutions and you trust the company, there is always a chance that you could lose your essential data. We offer support for contracts and agreements with third-party service providers, so you know how your data is being stored and protected, and what other measures you need to take to ensure complete control over it.

You can also look at our top tips for safe cloud storage to learn more about security and backups for third-party software providers.

Backup Validation & Restores

In many cases, companies will come to Alt-Tech Inc. after they’ve had issues with one or more of their backup systems. Although backup technology tends to be fairly reliable, there are cases when files can become corrupted or unusable. To prevent this situation from arising, some managed service providers in Edmonton take backup and restoration services a step further by offering validation. This means we physically check in to ensure backups are being stored successfully.

Corrupted Media Restorations

There’s nothing like the feeling of dread when you lose an important file and you’re told that it’s gone forever. It’s a feeling we always want to help clients avoid. If another managed service provider or IT support company has told you that a file is lost for good, bring it to Alt-Tech Inc. Our team of computer experts have knowledge and tools that go beyond the typical strategies used by other teams.

Combining Data Backup and Recovery with Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity issues can put your data at further risk of being damaged or deleted. For many businesses, these two services go hand in hand. If you’re managing your own backups in-house, be sure to take precautions to ensure there are protective measures in place for your backup systems.

Keep Your Data Secure

If you have questions about your business’ backup, data recovery, or cybersecurity needs, Alt-Tech Inc. offers comprehensive services that are designed to support and improve your infrastructure and overall business operations. Get in touch with our support team to learn more.


Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash