At Alt-Tech, we like to think of ourselves as highly principled. We have a clearly defined set of goals to reach for our clients and ourselves. That helps us set specific targets and ensure everything we do aims directly at those targets.

We think you should know what these principles are, and better yet, we think you should be able to implement them into your decision-making process. Not only will it make decisions about your IT systems and management easier, but it will also make your systems more productive and secure.

7 Guiding Principles for Your IT Management:


1.  Security

There is nothing more important than the safety and security of online data. We’ve seen the fallout from cybersecurity incidents, and when we do, we know exactly how we could have prevented them. It pains our team to know there are cybercriminals out there who are taking advantage of businesses. 

Just like you, security is top of mind for our team. We practice what we preach, taking extra precautions to protect ourselves and our clients. This requires innovation, research, industry experience, and collaboration with other experts. 

2. Ease of Use 

Great support is good to have, and we want you to call us when you need a hand with something. However, we also value your time, which is why we want to help you avoid having to pick up the phone every time something unexpected happens. This starts with systems and processes that are straightforward (it doesn’t mean the setup is easy or straightforward, but by the time it’s in your hands, it should be running smoothly!)

3. Flexibility

 Businesses are constantly in flux. In the age of the coronavirus, this is even more evident. We have to be able to pivot on a dime, which means our technology and systems need to do the same. You need your systems and services to work around your business and clients, not the other way around. Flexible systems are those that work when, where, and how you need them to. In the age of portable technology, flexibility is even easier to achieve.

4. Scalability 

Growth is a big word at Alt-Tech. As we’ve grown, we’ve served businesses in all stages, from startup to scaleup and everything in between. In all cases, we’ve seen how technology, when properly managed, set up, and overseen, can amplify a business’ growth and make transitions smoother. 

If you’re adding anything to your network (be it software, hardware, procedures, or training), be sure that it can accommodate growth and development. For example, your new employee training program might be great, but if you can’t adjust it when you add a new piece of technology, it won’t work for long. 

Adding new technology to your systems? You can also check out our blog post about obstacles to technology adoption and how to overcome them.

5. Ease of Support 

Simple solutions are always the best solutions, especially when it comes to IT. We know you don’t want something explained in highly technical language you can’t understand. You need step by step processes and support or full execution from a team that knows what they’re doing. When you’re looking for any kind of IT solution – whether it’s software, cloud services, hardware, or IT support – be sure it checks the “easy” box before you buy in!

6. Resiliency 

Resiliency is defined as the ability to recover quickly from difficulties. When you have systems and support you trust, this is rarely a trait that’s needed in action. However, it’s good to have it waiting in the wings for those “just in case” situations. When businesses experience losses or breaches of data, they’re often surprised by just how devastating the effects are. It’s not just the loss itself; it’s the money, time, and stress spent on dealing with the ripples after the initial splash. Anything you add to your technology and systems should be considered from all angles, including the worst possible scenario! Before you make a decision, ask yourself, “Do I have a disaster recovery plan if “x” happens? If not, how can I create one?”

7. Manageability

 Last but not least, your systems should be designed to be manageable. It’s easy to think of your network as a big mess of data and programs and hardware with cords running everywhere, but it doesn’t need to feel like that. One of the main reasons businesses hire IT companies in Edmonton is to deal with the organizational mayhem that’s grown over the years.

The good news is that oversight is achievable. It’s not just about efficiency and productivity, either; when you are fully in control of your system, your mind becomes less cluttered. You’ll know how your system is working and that it’s fully secure. For full peace of mind, you can even have someone monitoring your network 24/7.

Managed Service Providers in Edmonton & Beyond

If your business is growing fast and your technology isn’t keeping up, a professional IT company can help you make sense of the chaos, manage your systems, and then optimize them. At Alt-Tech, we’re here to help you go above and beyond in your business. Reach out so we can tell you how we’ve helped other businesses grow.