Although we’re all lucky to have access to advanced digital tools during the outbreak of COVID-19, managing them isn’t always easy. Many Edmonton business owners are currently struggling with transitioning their operations fully online within a very short timeframe. This can leave a lot of gaps in the systems and processes you typically use for your in-person operations.  


Whether your business has been partially operating online or hasn’t started until now, there are simple solutions to what look like complex problems. It just requires a bit of expertise and the right digital toolkit.  


3 Top Pro Tips from Edmonton Virtual IT Management Specialists 


Switching your workforce from an in-house office setup to multiple remote work stations is a challenge for any size of business. Here are a few tips from our managed service providers if you’re about to switch your workforce to home offices, or if you’ve recently transitioned. 


Backups, Backups, Backups  

If there’s anything we’re stressing to clients right now, it’s backups. With so many businesses switching their employees to working from home, there’s an influx of cloud computing and networks are becoming less centralized. It’s important to maintain control where you can, but it’s also important to prepare for “just-in-case.”  


In the coming months, we’ll expect to hear a lot of talk about business continuity – are businesses going to be able to continue working? Backups are one key aspect of the answer to this question.  


Managing Remote Workforces  

Although some businesses are hesitant to allow employees to work from home because of concerns about productivity, some studies have shown that working remotely can actually increase productivity (along with lowering operating costs, boosting morale, and reducing sick days). 


With that being said, there are some downsides to working from home. Employees tend to feel isolated and uncertain of their workflows. To combat this, it’s important to get strong communications and project management workflows in place. Keep teams communicating and reach out to employees often to ask if they need anything else to keep up with their workload. 


One important upgrade companies may need to make for employees is to their home internet connection & Wi-Fi signal. With entire families all at home all day, internet connections may be slower than usual. Changing plans and installing Wi-Fi extenders could help with keeping employees working. 



Increasing Online Security Measures 

There’s always someone who’s willing to take advantage of chaos to spread more fear. Hackers are at their prime right now. It’s unclear whether they’re bored while in isolation or they think that the fruit is ripe for the picking due to the panic that’s slowly swept across the globe.  


Adding to the risks, hackers know that businesses are in the middle of major IT and network revisions as changes to businesses continue to happen. Healthcare and financial sector businesses were already most at risk, and now they’re more vulnerable than ever (and also more essential than ever).  


There’s probably a lot on your mind right now, but it’s critical to revisit your cybersecurity measures, particularly if you’re making changes to your network, signing up for new cloud services, or outsourcing any parts of your operations. You can also check out our guide to creating a successful cybersecurity plan 


Questions? Get in Touch with an Expert 


There’s a lot more to know about the changing way businesses are doing their work right now – far more than can be answered in a blog post. We’re here for you when you need advice and solutions that are going to get you and your team back to work faster.  


Get in touch with our Edmonton IT professionals to set up your at-home workforce solutions.