The IT needs of law firms are distinct from other industries. A law firm handles a large amount of highly sensitive data and documents. Thus, they need effective ways to protect it and streamline their processes, all while keeping their customers satisfied. 

Organization, security, and efficiency are at the forefront of IT services for law firms in Edmonton. 

Essential IT Services Every Edmonton Law Firm Should Have

As technology moves forward, businesses need to keep up to remain competitive. Tech has streamlined processes for many aspects of businesses, significantly cutting down on the piles of paperwork and the time it takes to fill them out.

However, technology also creates its own challenges. Integrating technology, maximizing its efficiency, maintenance and updates, and repairs are obstacles that often warrant an outside perspective. 

Security is one of the top reasons law firms in Edmonton hire IT services. Every firm, no matter the size, handles significant amounts of confidential information on a daily basis, so security is of utmost importance. In terms of IT management, that translates to cybersecurity, which finds ways to protect data both on the cloud and on hardware.

Then, there’s the matter of efficiency. Law firms have their own fair share of work to get done, from handling clients and conducting research to prepping for litigations or negotiations. IT services can streamline the basic processes necessary for law firms through automation, machine learning, and integrated software.

3 Types of IT Services Every Law Firm Needs

Cloud Services

In recent years, the cloud has become one of the most popular ways for businesses to store and access information. Seamlessly synced programs, increased storage, and high accessibility make your workflow easier and more efficient, saving both time and money. 

Plus, cloud computing is offered as a service by expert companies, putting your data in the hands of professionals. That means you won’t need to spend extra time managing your storage or solving issues with the cloud – your managed service provider can help manage cloud solutions. 


Online data comes with some security benefits, but it also comes with risks. For any professional business, having a professional team to analyze your security risks and fill in any gaps is essential. Confidentiality is key in the legal industry, so data protection is one of the main considerations in any IT strategy. 

In 2017, cybersecurity in one form or another was implemented in 94% of businesses in Canada, with businesses spending an average $70 000 on implementing these measures. Many of these companies were concerned about the security of their private data, and that of their clients. 

There are two major options when it comes to cybersecurity in your firm – an in-house IT team or a third-party cybersecurity service provider. An in-house team includes employees for your business while a service provider is a remote team hired to handle cybersecurity. There are benefits to both, but ultimately, many legal firms choose to focus on their area of expertise while relying on experts in technology to fill in the gaps.


Data Recovery & Backups

Law firms handle a large amount of documents and data. With much of this data being stored digitally on hard drives, it runs the risk of being permanently lost, whether due to a natural disaster, ransomware attack, or otherwise.

As fantastic as the cloud is for accessing information and streamlining processes, the most reliable way to store your data is still through external systems and hard drives. Backup and data recovery services are another essential IT service for law firms in Edmonton to consider.

Get Expert IT Services for Your Law Firm

At Alt-Tech, we help our clients focus on running their businesses while we take care of all of their IT needs. Whether you need professional cybersecurity, cloud services, or 24/7 maintenance for your law firm, we’ve got your back. Our team is highly experienced in helping law firms in Edmonton maximize their return on investment for technology solutions. Contact us to see how we can help your firm thrive!