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Digital Disasters Happen: Do You Have a Cyber Attack Plan?

cybersecurity symbol of white lock on code background

We live in an online age. As a business owner, you rely on your computer systems to keep your company running. Unfortunately, with an increased reliance on computer networks comes the increased risk of cyber security incidents. You might think that data breaches, stolen credit card information, and ransomware attacks won’t happen to your business, […]

Why Your Business Needs Data Backup and Recovery

laptop with the word "Backup"

If you run a small business, it’s easy for seemingly minor details or business-related tasks to slip through your fingers. Unfortunately, one of the tasks businesses often overlook is one of the most important: data safety. Every business needs data backup and recovery to protect themselves against possible human error and/or a systems crash. Here […]

Why Your Organization Needs Vulnerability Management

coding representing vulnerability management

From antivirus software to firewalls and VPNs you’ve done your best to ensure your company has incredible network security. But no matter how many security measures you put in place, there are still vulnerabilities in your network. One of the best ways to stay ahead of online threats is by regularly completing vulnerability assessments. What […]