28 Sep 2017

Windows 10 Tip: Work better together with Microsoft Excel

Author: Elana Pidgeon
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Did you know Microsoft Excel can now help you work together better than ever before?

Excel recently got an update with more ways to collaborate with other people, to make group projects for school or co-authoring reports in the office even easier.


If you’re working on a spreadsheet, you can now see where others are editing in the same workbook. Simply click on one of the profiles above the tool bar to see that person’s latest changes in real time!

In case you missed it, check out our tips for using Word, PowerPoint and OneNote:

Have a great week!

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27 Sep 2017

Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17004 for PC (Skip Ahead)

Author: Dona Sarkar
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Hello Windows Insiders!

Today we are releasing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17004 for PC to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring who have opted in to Skip Ahead only. Insiders who joined Skip Ahead will continue to receive builds from the RS_PRERELEASE branch which has transitioned to RS4 which is the release that will come after the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (RS3). Because we are just beginning development for RS4, Insiders shouldn’t expect to see a lot of big changes or new features just yet. Our focus remains getting the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update ready for release!

Insiders will notice that the build numbers have jumped ahead again but this time to 17xxx. This is what we do normally at the beginning of development of a new feature update for Windows 10.

Also – you may notice that the Windows Insider Preview branding has disappeared from the build (shown via the desktop watermark at the lower right hand corner). This should be back with the next build.

What’s new in Build 17004

Fluent Design: As we progress into the next feature update, you’ll begin to see more and more elements of Fluent Design light up. We love the enthusiasm we’ve seen for Fluent Design, and with today’s build you’ll notice that Reveal is now visible on Start in All apps.

More Fluent Design!

Microsoft Edge Improvements:

  • We fixed an issue where typing a web address into the address bar from the New Tab and Start Page and would sometimes clear the text and not result in any page navigation
  • We fixed an issue resulting in keyboard layout changes potentially not being applied when using Microsoft Edge after setting focus to the address bar.
  • We fixed an issue where the tab previews for PDFs were black with a white bar on each side.
  • We fixed an issue where the first time you pressed Ctrl + F to open Search, the search box doesn’t get focus. We also fixed an issue where you might be unable to type in the address bar after clicking on CTRL+F text field.
  • We fixed an issue where “Open with previous pages” wouldn’t recover tabs after dragging a tab between two Microsoft Edge windows.
  • We fixed an issue resulting copy/paste and the print dialog not working for those using the updated Youtube.com website design.
  • We fixed an issue where Ctrl + Click on a link in a PDF wouldn’t open the link in a new tab.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in PDFs potentially rendering blank after panning down a few pages and back up.
  • We fixed an issue from recent flights where Alt + D wouldn’t bring input focus to the address bar when certain keyboards were active.

Input Improvements:

  • We fixed an issue resulting in the enter key not working properly in Facebook Messenger.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in the Delete key on the full touch keyboard layout unexpectedly inserting a period in UWP apps.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in a stutter when selecting long strings in certain single line editable text boxes (for example when naming favorites in Microsoft Edge).

General changes, improvements, and fixes for PC

  • RS4 builds include many of the same fixes included in the latest RS3 builds.
  • We are introducing a new color wheel to Color & High Contrast Settings to help you get a feel for the effect of each of the different available color filters.
  • You may see a Microsoft Edge shortcut on your desktop after upgrading to this build. You can delete the shortcut, upgrade from this build and it will not return.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in Mod Organizer no longer load mods into Skyrim in recent flights.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in the last flighted build sometimes green screening with a SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION in win32kfull.sys.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in the WIN+X menu sometimes unexpectedly missing the accelerator key underline hints.

Windows Insider Program + LinkedIn = AWESOME

Windows Insiders! You’re going to see us doing a lot more with our friends in LinkedIn this year in order to provide YOU the best possible career and learning opportunities as part of our program. This week at Ignite, the LinkedIn folks are giving away 6 free courses on Deploying, Administering and Troubleshooting Office 365 that you might be interested in. Since we know many of you are following along on our MS Ignite adventures, we thought we’d share that info with you too. If you’d like to try these, click here!

No downtime for Hustle-As-A-Service,
Dona <3

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27 Sep 2017

Time Travel Debugging is now available in WinDbg Preview

Author: James Pinkerton
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We are excited to announce that Time Travel Debugging (TTD) features are now available in the latest version of WinDbg Preview. About a month ago, we released WinDbg Preview, which provides great new debugging user experiencesWe are now publicly launching a preview version of TTD for the first time and are looking forward to your feedback. 

What is TTD?

Wouldn’t it be great to go back in time and fix a problem? We can’t help you go back in time to fix poor life choices, but we can help you go back in time to fix code problems.

Time Travel Debugging (TTD) is a reverse debugging solution that allows you to record the execution of an app or process, replay it both forwards and backwards and use queries to search through the entire trace. Today’s debuggers typically allow you to start at a specific point in time and only go forward. TTD improves debugging since you can go back in time to better understand the conditions that lead up to the bug. You can also replay it multiple times to learn how best to fix the problem.

TTD is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

  1. Record: Record the app or process on the machine which can reproduce the bug. This creates a Trace file (.RUN extension) which has all of the information to reproduce the bug.
  2. Replay: Open the Trace file in WinDbg Preview and replay the code execution both forward and backward as many times as necessary to understand the problem.
  3. Analyze: Run queries & commands to identify common code issues and have full access to memory and locals to understand what is going on.

Getting Started

I know you are all excited and ready to start using TTD. Here are a few things you should know to get started.

  • InstallYou can use TTD by installing the WinDbg Preview (build 10.0.16365.1002 or greater) from the Store if you have Windows 10 Anniversary Update or newer at https://aka.ms/WinDbgPreview.
  • Feedback: This is a preview release of TTD, so we are counting on your feedback as we continue to finish the product. We are using the Feedback Hub to help us prioritize what improvements to make. The Windows Insider website has a great overview on how to give good feedback https://insider.windows.com/en-us/how-to-feedback.
  • Questions: We expect you will have some questions as you work with TTD. So feel free to post them on this blog or send them in the Feedback Hub and we will do our best to answer. We’ll be posting a TTD FAQ on our blog shortly.
  • Documentation: We’ve got some initial documentation at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/drivers/debugger/time-travel-debugging-overview and will be improving our content based upon customer feedback and usage. You can give us feedback or propose edits on the docs.microsoft.com documentation by hitting “Comments” or “Edit” on any page.
  • Blogs: Watch for more in-depth TTD updates and tips in the future on our team’s blog https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/windbg.

How to use TTD

You use TTD directly in the WinDbg Preview app. We have added all of the key TTD features into WinDbg Preview to provide a familiar debugging experience, which makes it intuitive to go backwards and forwards in time during your debugging session.

Record a Trace

WinDbg Preview makes it easy to record a trace. Simply click File >> Start Debugging and point to the app or process. You will have an option to Record during attach and launch. See https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/drivers/debugger/time-travel-debugging-overview for more information.

Replay a Trace

Once the Trace is complete, we automatically load and index the Trace for faster replay and memory lookups. Then simply use the WinDbg ribbon buttons or commands to step forwards and backwards through the code.

Basic TTD Commands

You can use the ribbon or enter the following TTD commands in WinDbg Preview. See https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/drivers/debugger/time-travel-debugging-overview for a complete list of TTD commands.

Final Thoughts

We are very excited to get TTD into the hands of our developers; but there are a few things to remember.

  • TTD is a preview, so we will be regularly improving performance and features
  • This only runs on Windows 10 since WinDbg Preview is a Store app
  • See docs.microsoft.com documentation for TTD known issues and compatibility

Welcome to the world of time travel. Our goal is to improve the lives of developers by making debugging easier to increase product quality. Please send us feedback and feature requests in the Feedback Hub to let us know how we are doing!

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27 Sep 2017

Check out all the Microsoft 365 news shared at Ignite

Author: Mollie Ruiz-Hopper
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We’re at Microsoft Ignite in Orlando, Fla., today with more than 25,000 business customers and IT leaders from around the world. We’ve shared news spanning Microsoft’s commercial businesses – Office 365, Windows 10, Enterprise Security + Mobility and much more – with a focus on how the company is empowering people and organizations to succeed in a rapidly evolving workplace and innovate for the future.

Check out more details below on how Microsoft 365 is enabling a modern workplace and empowering all workers, students, and educators with technology to be more creative, productive and secure.

Advancing intelligence, management and security to empower the Modern Workplace

All Workers Welcome with Microsoft 365

Announcing Microsoft 365 Education, a single, affordable technology solution built for education

Teacher working with a student in a classroom.

Maximizing IT’s Impact with Microsoft 365 Powered Devices

Announcing Windows 10 S Devices for Firstline Workers

Windows 10 S devices for Microsoft 365 F1

Stepping Up Protection with Intelligent Security

Orlando, Florida

New Microsoft 365 Features to Accelerate GDPR Compliance

Windows resources to help support your GDPR compliance

Two men and two women working together in an office with two Windows laptops on the table.

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27 Sep 2017

Windows resources to help support your GDPR compliance

Author: Marisa Rogers
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With exactly eight months to go until the deadline, any organization that wants to do business with European Union (EU) residents will need to ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). According to a recent report by Spiceworks, only 25 percent of organizations are prepared for this landmark regulatory requirement. At Microsoft, we are actively helping accelerate our customers’ compliance journey. Earlier this year, Brendon Lynch, our Chief Privacy Officer, announced our commitment to the principles behind GDPR and to helping organizations successfully comply with this new regulation.

Today, we are sharing two new Windows resources, Accelerate GDPR compliance with Windows 10 and Accelerate GDPR compliance with Windows Server 2016 white papers, that will help you plan and prepare for the GDPR deadline.

These important resources detail the security features and capabilities built into Windows that can help you comply with GDPR and implement the technical and organizational security measures to help protect personal data. For Windows 10 these compliance capabilities include:

  • Threat Protection: Pre-breach Threat Resistance
  • Threat Protection: Post-breach Detection and Response
  • Identity Protection
  • Information Protection

Additional capabilities for Windows Server include:

  • Credential and administrator privilege protections
  • Secure the operating system to run your apps and infrastructure
  • Secure virtualization

Implementing the appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect personal data will take time, changes in process, expertise and training for your organization to comply with GPDR. For those just getting started, we recommended you begin your journey to GDPR compliance by focusing on four key steps:

Slide showing key GDPR steps, Discover, Manage, Protect, and Report.

While these requirements may seem daunting, Windows can help you effectively and efficiently address many of the GDPR requirements.

Threat, identity & information protection

As Brad Smith noted this summer, there is no privacy without security. That’s why we’ve always focused on security technologies and privacy features in our Windows operating system (OS) to help safeguard your information.

With Windows 10, your ability to protect, detect and defend against the types of attacks that can lead to data breaches is greatly improved. Given the stringent requirements around breach notification within the GDPR, ensuring that your desktop and laptop systems are well defended will lower the risks you face that could result in costly breach analysis and notification.

A key provision within the GDPR is data protection by design and by default. Helping with your ability to meet this provision are features within Windows 10 such as BitLocker Device Encryption.  BitLocker uses the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) technology, which provides hardware-based, security-related functions.  This crypto-processor chip includes multiple physical security mechanisms to make it tamper resistant, and malicious software is unable to tamper with the security functions of the TPM.

We encourage you to learn more about security technologies in the Accelerate GDPR compliance with Windows 10 white paper.

Identity protection, credential management & infrastructure security

Security breaches can have profound consequences for your organization. Windows Server 2016 has built-in risk mitigation capabilities to help implement technical and organizational security measures to protect personal data. These include a secure operating system to run your apps and infrastructure, anti-malware technologies that protect your environment from threats and exploits, and identity protection and credential management solutions that enable you to move from passwords to more secure forms of authentication. These are important elements of our defense-in-depth strategy that, combined with a layer of information protection, is built into hardware and virtual systems.

The GDPR requires you to implement appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect personal data and processing systems. In the context of the GDPR, your physical and virtual server environments are potentially processing personal and sensitive data. Processing can mean any operation or set of operations, such as data collection, storage, and retrieval.

The ability to protect personal and sensitive data, that may be stored or accessed through desktops or laptops, will be further enhanced by adopting advanced authentication capabilities and access management.

As you work to comply with the GDPR, understanding the role of your physical and virtual servers in creating, accessing, processing, storing and managing data that may qualify as personal and potentially sensitive data under the GDPR is important. Windows Server provides capabilities that will help you comply with the GDPR requirements to implement appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect personal data.

Additional details can be found in the Accelerate GDPR compliance with Windows Server 2016 white paper.

Get started today

Together with Microsoft’s comprehensive Cloud portfolio and the Microsoft 365 solutions announced today, these new Windows resources can help you make meaningful progress in preparation for these regulations. I encourage you to check them out to see how Windows can help simplify your GDPR journey.

In the coming months, we will continue to share how Windows is getting ready for GDPR and how using Windows can help you with your compliance journey. We also want to hear from you, so please also continue sharing your feedback and privacy questions.

– Marisa

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27 Sep 2017

Announcing Windows 10 S devices for Firstline Workers

Author: Bernardo Caldas
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For years at Microsoft, our goal was to put a computer on every desk. Now as we strive to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more, we see a significant opportunity to bring technology to all workers, especially those on the front line. These two billion Firstline Workers are the people who serve as the first point of contact between an organization and its customers or products. A critical part of empowering this workforce is providing custom technology experiences and streamlined, secure devices that help them get their work done and build skills.

Today at Ignite, we shared our vision for empowering these workers, currently underserved by technology, with Microsoft 365 F1, a new plan designed to maximize the impact of the Firstline Worker. Microsoft 365 F1 also makes it easy to train and upskill employees, with Microsoft Stream to share dynamic role-based content and video, and SharePoint to easily distribute onboarding and training materials and manage institutional knowledge in one secure place.

Windows 10 S devices for Firstline Workers

Today, we also announced new commercial devices with Windows 10 S for Firstline Workers from our OEM partners HP, Lenovo, Acer, and Fujitsu starting at $275, with availability beginning later this year. Simple, secure, and easy to manage, Windows 10 S devices minimize total cost of ownership for Firstline Workers:

Windows 10 S Devices for Firstline Workers

  • Simple to use: Windows 10 S delivers a familiar Windows 10 experience so Firstline Workers can get productive right away. It is designed for performance, start-ups are quick and built to stay that way so that productivity never slows down, even on entry-level devices. It offers more seamless integration with hosted VMs for remote desktop and apps for firstline worker scenarios. And it is fully integrated with OneDrive, empowering Firstline Workers to work from anywhere.
  • Streamlined for security: Designed with Firstline Workers in mind, Windows 10 S has the goal of preventing the most common cyber attacks like ransomware and exploits. Applications built on the Universal Windows Platform or Centennial are delivered via the Windows Store ensuring they have been verified for security and integrity. And with Microsoft Edge, Firstline Workers are protected against phishing attacks and malicious software.
  • Easy to manage: Windows 10 S was designed with Modern IT in mind, including cloud-based identity and management with Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Intune. Together with Windows Update for Business, organizations can manage and update Windows 10 S devices using the power and convenience of the cloud.

In a future update, organizations will be able to deploy Windows 10 Enterprise capabilities such as Credential Guard, Application Guard and benefit from centralized management of the Store, Cortana and other features on Windows 10 S devices with a Microsoft 365 subscription. With the new Windows 10 Enterprise in S mode, customers will be able to experience Windows 10 Enterprise with all the benefits of Windows 10 S – streamlined for security and low total cost of ownership.

New Windows 10 capabilities for Firstline Workers and beyond

With Microsoft 365, organizations benefit from self-service deployment, simplified management, proactive insights, and always up to date platform resulting in a low total cost of ownership for businesses.

For example, with innovations such as Windows AutoPilot, IT admins can customize the Windows 10 devices out of box setup experience with the cloud and empower employees to enroll their new device, complete with the company configuration and apps ready to go. Great for Firstline scenarios, Windows Autopilot removes the need for IT to touch the device or manage updates in person.

Today, we shared that OEM partners Lenovo, HP, Panasonic, Toshiba, and Fujitsu will join Surface in supporting Windows AutoPilot beginning in January 2018 by providing device IDs to companies on select orders.

Another important scenario for many businesses is the ability to customize and lock down devices to specific tasks or experiences for Firstline Workers and kiosks. In the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, organizations can quickly setup and maintain locked down single purpose devices with improved tools in Windows Assigned Access. In future updates, we are also building additional lockdown, customization, and anti-theft capabilities.

No matter whether you are a Firstline worker, Information worker or IT admin, with Microsoft 365, you have everything at your fingertips to enable you to achieve more. We look forward to sharing more details at Ignite!

– Bernardo

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27 Sep 2017

Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16296 for PC

Author: Dona Sarkar
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UPDATE 9/26: We have released Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16296 for PC to Windows Insiders in the Slow ring.

Hello Windows Insiders!

Today we are releasing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16296 for PC to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring only (not Skip Ahead).

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will be unable to install *new*/additional language packs on this build. Pre-existing language packs (language packs you’ve installed previously) will carry over and work just fine.

As we mentioned previously, we are now at the point of the development cycle for the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update where our focus is now on stabilization for release to the world. This means that we are releasing new builds to Insiders more quickly and that these builds will include mostly bug fixes. You’ll notice that this build continues to include a bunch of good bug fixes Insiders will enjoy.

General changes, improvements, and fixes for PC

  • We fixed an issue where Hyper-V couldn’t create a VM on 3rd party network storage.
  • We fixed an issue where for the first few minutes after clean installing a non-English build many inbox app names might unexpectedly appear with English app names.
  • We fixed an issue where gaming apps using WebView with heavy use of HTML canvas might have unexpectedly had very low FPS in recent flights.

Team Updates

Just a reminder that next week, our entire team and a few of our Community Champs is going to be at Microsoft Ignite in Orlando. If you’re going to be at Ignite, please come and visit us at the Windows Insider Program booth as well as our two sessions WIP 100 and WIP 300 for some 1:1 time with us. We’re SO looking forward to meeting you!

We’re also doing a Insider Pulse survey every week (usually on Fridays) where you can tell us how we’re doing! Please do these surveys!

Weekly Insider Pulse #3 – Tell us how we’re doing! https://t.co/sdiEo1uDo2 pic.twitter.com/A7HWD5RGVP

— Windows Insider (@windowsinsider) September 22, 2017

No downtime for Hustle-As-A-Service,
Dona <3

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27 Sep 2017

Rise of Nations: Extended Edition out now in the Windows Store

Author: Jorg Neumann
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Calling all Real Time Strategy (RTS) fans! You might remember that last month, we announced that Rise of Nations: Extended Edition would be arriving to the Windows Store, for a special price and with features like cross-network play with Steam!

That day has come—Rise of Nations: Extended Edition is now available for purchase here. For a limited time, Rise of Nations: Extended Edition will be available in the Windows Store for a promotional price of only $4.99 USD.

Rise of Nations

As a reminder, Rise of Nations: Extended Edition for Windows 10 includes both the original Rise of Nations game as well as the PC Game of the Year expansion, Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots. Read more about today’s news over at Xbox Wire!

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26 Sep 2017

Unlock Windows Ink with the Bamboo Ink pen

Author: Ryan Khademi
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Bamboo Ink

With Windows 10, your pen or touch-enabled device arrives built-in with Windows Ink: the feature that helps you set your ideas in motion. You can easily capture your thoughts, and share and collaborate with classmates or co-workers using Windows Ink, whether you’re doodling with the sketchpad, drawing on a screen capture of your entire desktop, drawing in the Photos app, adding notes to your map, or writing and highlighting directly on webpages in Microsoft Edge.

Add notes to your map in the Maps app

Add notes to your map in the Maps app

Studies show that students who take handwritten notes instead of using a keyboard take fewer notes, but end up with a stronger understanding across the board; and, people who doodle while listening to a class, lecture or meeting can remember more than 20 percent more of what they were listening to later than the people who don’t.

A great way to be more productive using Windows Ink is with Bamboo Ink from Wacom, a smart stylus seamlessly integrated for natural writing, notetaking and sketching experiences.*

The pen is compatible with select Windows 10 PCs – you can find out if your PC is compatible by visiting this link.

The Bamboo Ink pen has customizable buttons to allow you to personalize it and be more productive. Clicking the Bluetooth button once will open Windows Ink Workspace, your canvas for all the ink-powered features and apps on your PC. A double click will open Screen Sketch, where you can add notes to a screen capture of your desktop and share it easily.

If you press and hold the Bluetooth button, you’ll open Sticky Notes, where you can take notes that become smart and active. Write an address and Maps will ready it for finding a route, jot down a few items and they’ll become an easy-to-manage checklist, or write down a flight number and click on the text when it turns blue to track a flight right in the Sticky Note.** You can customize these buttons at any time.

The pen lets you write naturally with its thin-tip design for quick markup on the screen. It has three exchangeable fine tips (soft, medium, and firm) you can switch out to create the exact stylus experience you’re looking for.

Edit docs in Word

Edit docs in Word

With Windows 10, you can write a math problem on your screen in OneNote to get to the answer quickly, or see step-by-step instructions to help you learn how OneNote got the solution; draw with the built-in ruler in PowerPoint; or, edit docs in Word by using the pen to highlight words, strike through them and make them disappear, or circle text to select.

Built-in ruler in PowerPoint

Built-in ruler in PowerPoint

We’re excited to see partners like Wacom create devices that unlock Windows Ink in new ways. If you want to learn more about the pen, try it out in person through a product demonstration or purchase one for yourself, you can do so by visiting BestBuy.com, Best Buy U.S. stores, your local Microsoft Store or Microsoft.com. If you’re new to Windows Ink, check out our tips on getting started!

*Touch-capable tablet or PC required. Pen accessory may be sold separately. Compatibility varies by device; visit wacom.com/comp for more info.
**Cortana available in select markets; experience may vary by region and device.

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26 Sep 2017

This Week on Windows: Minecraft, Forza Motorsport 7 demo, Start screen tips

Author: Elana Pidgeon
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We hope you enjoyed this week’s episode of This Week on Windows! In case you missed it, read all about the Better Together Update for Minecraft, and check out our Windows 10 Tips on how to make Start full screen and how to set up family features on your Windows 10 PC!

In case you missed it:

Here’s what’s new in the Windows Store this week:

Forza Motorsport 7 Demo

Experience the danger and beauty of competitive racing at the limit with Forza Motorsport 7, now available as an edge-of-your-seat free demo. Check out the difference that gorgeous graphics at 60fps and true 4K resolution in HDR make to your fun. And in the process, choose from more than 700 Forzavista™ cars to collect, including the largest assortment of Ferraris, Porsches and Lamborghinis ever. Read more over at Xbox Wire!

The Better Together Update for Minecraft is here

Players using Xbox One, mobile, VR and Windows 10 versions of Minecraft are all one big, happy Bedrock Engine family with the release of the Better Together Update! Say goodbye to “Minecraft: Xbox One Edition” or “Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition” and hello to a universal “Minecraft!” This update introduces cross-platform play, essentially creating a version of Minecraft that’s consistent no matter what device you’re playing on. For players using Windows 10 PC, we have integration with Paint 3D and Remix3D.com, making it easy to export and share your Minecraft creations with our 3D community at Remix3D.com.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Pirates of the Caribbean

On the run from his old nemesis Captain Salazar and his crew of ghost pirates, Captain Jack Sparrow sets out in search of a legendary artifact which will give him total control over the seas. Watch Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales ($24.99 UHD, $19.99 HD) tonight, available two weeks before Blu-ray in the Movies & TV section of the Windows Store.

Have a great weekend!

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